Testing is vital for success of any application!

Performance plays a significant role in the success of any online application as high performing apps engage and retain users better than the poor performers. Our experts test application performance at high loads, measure, validate and verify operational capabilities to ensure you can offer a flawless customer experience in real world.

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Our Solutions

Load Testing

Our experts with selected tools ensure sustained performance of your website and applications during high load volume. It ensures system's compliance with established performance requirements.

Stress & Spike Testing

Our effective performance testing techniques determine the load capacity of your system or app before it crashes. So we know in advance that at what point system will be unable to cope and will fail

Endurance Testing

Our effective testing techniques makes it possible to simulate the behaviour of a system under a sustained load (from several hours to several days). which help bring to light memory leaks and buffer/array/table overflows.


We carry out strategic performance test as part of HADR tests to make sure the system under test is resilient and performant during the event of disaster.

Regression Performance Testing

Our experts perform in-depth regression performance testing to ensure there are no impacts of recent upgrades to the performance of your applications.

Performance Test Tools

Performance tests help establish speed, scalability, and stability of the software application. There are varied types of Performance tests that simulate various possible user scenarios and understand the behaviour of the applications. Investing in performance testing is obviously paramount today for the success of organizations that can select either open source or licensed testing tools for ensuring the best performance of their product.

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APM Tools

APM (Application Performance Monitoring) is the practice of proactively monitoring the many facets of an application environment in order to identify and mitigate issues before they become major problems. We use APM tools in conjunction with the performance test tools to uncover the performance bottlenecks before go-live and proactively monitor from then on.

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Performance Test Project Stages

performance test lifecycle with seven stages

Requirement Analysis

Our testing team would determine the requirements for testing, following consultation with client stakeholders. They would determine the scope of the testing, the test objectives, and carry out the test planning.

Architecture Review

Our Performance Engineering SME's would carry out an architecture review of the application to be tested and provide advisory on the performance best practices and capacity planning

Test Strategy & Planning

We would deliver a high-level document which gives clients information on how to carry out performance testing during the testing phase. It tells us how to test a Business requirement and what approach is required to successfully deliver the product to the end client

Test Design

Our experts will create reusable and modular automated performance test scrits using the strategically agreed performance test tools following scripting best practices

Test Execution

Different tests like Peak load test, stress test, endurance test, volume tests would be carried out as per plan to simulate the realistic current and future workload to identify the potential bottleneck inorder to fix them before go-live

Results Analysis

Our team do not stop at just reporting the bottlenecks they will collate and correlate various metris (client side,network, web, app and DB metrics) in order to carry out effective analysis to narrow down the root cause of the bottlenecks

Reports and Recommendations

Our experts would produce information rich and intutive interpretted reports of the test analysis, various metrics gathered during the test, and recommendations based on the original set criteria for performance testing. We would also organise review session to provide walkthrough of the reports

Why Thoughtlogik?

We ensure the reliability, responsiveness and consistent performance of your business-critical applications and stable system behavior, which are vital for the success of your brand. We also integrate performance testing into your CI/CD pipeline to discover bottlenecks early in the SDLC.

Industry Best Practices followed

Leading performance testing practices aligning to ISTQB will be utilized in your project.

Flexible Delivery Models

Leverage flexible delivery and engagement models suitable for any development methodology.

Performance Assurance

Gain application performance visibility with our shift-left approach. The risks of degraded performance, bugs, and failures in your system will be minimized.

Tool & Technology Agnostic

We apply tools and technology agnostic testing strategies applicable for performance testing any browser or mobile device applications.

Performance Advisory

We offer performance improvement recommendations based on comprehensive statistical analysis..

Faster Onboarding

We offer strategic long term/project testing partnerships and performance test as a service. In PTAAS (Performance test as a service), we deliver performance testing for the applications in matter of days and in some cases in hours.

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